Unconditional “You”

pilling own self

Once COVID19 restrictions over, full service will be start again. Sometimes life takes us many places until we realise that no one can understand except our own-self. Challenges comes time to time, andwe have to be able to detach from everything to find ourself back, we need to take a mental and physical break when necessary.

I did them all to find myself…. take the time, get the pain, ultimately there will be discovery of self.
When you try to live life with your own truth and never give up on moral and ethical way of living, then there will be many challenges, not everyone wishes you to be you or be free. But we all seeking for our true freedomand happiness in this body, mind. But some of us we scare to live by our own truth and freedom because of persona we create of ourself and worry of judgements, then we seek for acceptances and validations from others, and follow blindly the faith then we will be living under control of power, but innersoles is still seeking for that ultimate happiness and freedom, one-side we pretend to be happy by putting mask on and other side we secretly suffer with our truth and wanting to be free and live with truth.
What is happiness then?Not everyone knows about other person, its all presumption, judgements or filter truth( untruth) only truth is you know. If you live life truthful for yourself, with compassion, non judgements, no attachments, and fully morally and ethically then you will be happy deeply but not without problems.
All problems and suffering are outside of us with this mind and body, when we involve with ego to gain power or profit, attach to pleasure and illusion(dream of success or plesure, attach of relationship, fear of loss) then it cannot possible life with being truthful, compassionate, morally and ethically life.
I tried, some business including2 cafes in Donegal to run morally, ethically, thought of helping people with wellbeing with foods, but my ego was attach to make profit as well. By how my knowledge teaches me, whatever you do in your life that should benefit others being, including the earth you live in, be transparent too. But I discover the cafe you cannot run by myself with my only knowledge and beliefs, i need other people to work with, if other people is not fully aware of the knowledge of truth, compassion, ethical and moral values then it will fail, because there will be clashes of understanding and the Egos. And sometime if you do the business with full transparent and truth you need lots of money to back up and need conscious people. As Karma yoga teaches,doingbusiness and help unconditionally and support community, people we need foundation, conscious community support and fund as well.

I accept the failure of business and failure of my EGO, Idea of making some money to pay off my house. I lost business, lost, cafes, lost relation, went to huge debt, it was painful because my ego was attach and my expectation was attach, So pain is unavoidable.
So how pain is gone?Once I realise those all were not me or never was mine, whatever was mine is just myself, rest of all was the attachments and expectations. Once I let go of all those disappointments , detach from those egos, and detach from the feeling of loss, everything become clear, that if you want to live moral and ethical life then you cannot deal with ego of success. Ego, expectations and illusions are the reason of unhappy life life. Some Marriage and relationship also like the business, with full of expectations, full of ego, illusion of pleasure, that brings huge disappointments, so live with the mask on whole life and leave all happiness for after life which is unknown and leave unto unseen God. Some marriage and relationship live consent battle to get freedom. Then those who live with putting mask on they are the one who become judge of others falling apart and seeking freedom from that illusion.
So what we do then?
Strip the EGO, attachments, projections, expectations, and illusions of life.
Identify self, know who you are first, what is your happiness, what makes you happy? are you truthful to yourself? are you in the right place you wanted to be? What is the basic need for you to live happy life, without attachments ? Is your actions serving others being, planet? Is your job is base in moral and ethical value? Ask above all questions and strip the Ego and make life simple.Remove the persona( Mask) and become you.Judgements of unconscious being will not gonna effect your happiness, whatever it is, so do not worry to life, speak, and connect with self.Ultimate truth is this is your life and only life we know, in only planet we live, and we all will leave this persona and the real body one day. What matters is healthy body, conscious mind and value of NOW.

So after all stripping everything, I come to conclusion that Only truth is I am a compassionate healer with knowledge of Vedanta, philosophy and Ayurvedic Healing. My root is healing, I am passionate about helping and healing, not about pleasure seeking or making money at all. I am a bad business man, not good marriage partner either.My inner joy comes from healing and helping people through Ayurveda, I am passionate and very truthful about this service.
So My service is Healing for all beings, it will continue, and my passion is experiencingthe world by travel and socialising with people in hills and mountains and my responsibility is love for all. We all are one Atama( Bhraman or the God)