We are one consciousness


Sat chit Ananda

Witnessing the beautiful creation of this planet. Finding truth of self. 

Whatever we look at it and feel that deeper sense of connection with everything, our day become more peaceful. Because all these outside existence is already in us, we are belongs to everything. Everything made of 5 elements including human, so our source of body mind is the same which this earth made of.

What we seeking then? End of the day everyone is looking for that inner peace and happiness. And some will keep looking until death. Some are busy collecting material things to fulfil ego( illusion), some drinking toxic and drugging to numb the pain and seeking peace in heart, some are fighting unnecessary fights for feeding anger and ego to find peace, some are just waiting to live sometimes later. 

Life heppening now every seconds. Nothing will fulfil ever what we looking to achieve later, our desire of more need and wants will be never end, these feelings comes and goes always. Truth is everyone looking for peaceful and happy life, but some looking life in future, some looking for after death, some looking to live in heaven( which non existence, or illusion). 

But life is happening now, all we busy with thinking, planning and collecting will be gone one day which is very truth, including our body and the memories in brain. 

Learn to connect with source, see yourself in these flowers, or in all beauty of this planet, see yourself in others. Everything is you, you are the bliss. Drop the ego and ignorant from mind u will see the truth and peace. You are god itself. 

It is our choice we want to listen noise or want to listen to calmness, keep our mind at peace, live in now. 

Living in fear of loss, fear of death, fear of silly judgements, hate, anger, revenge, control, fame, name is no points. 
Ego of achievements, what a point if you are not happy inside and life in in sorrow, whats a point to collecting all these clutters which you don’t even need some day.
Universe was here and it will be here for another millions years but our body will go ultimately our memories will go too. 

For living body we all need good food, water, air, fire, space to nourish our cells. Also the healthy mind with healthy emotions can nourish positive fuels to our living cells in body. Love and compassion, truth, respects and empathy like good moral and ethical way of living life fills our heart with Peace, and giving back what we take form earth give us satisfaction/happiness. 

If we control our desire of illusion, ego of success or being rich, the anxiety and stress comes in control. What about accepting simple and beautiful life with peace in heart, without wanting too much? 

We are one and all, everything is us.

We are the witness of our mind, body( pure conciousness), body and mind is witnessing the world through our senses. 

Happy Kids

Live now, be happy, do things that metter to you, live without mask on, live with love, compassion, truth. All pain suffering, sickeness, attachments, desires are temporary. Your heaven or hell exist until you mind exists. once mind finish working feelings of illusion will go too, no desires exist anymore, no heaven or hell exist, no suffering or joy exist. Its just like a deep sleep. 

Keep mind, body healthy and happy till our consciousness can experience it. 

According to 6000 years old ancient scripture Veda ( not religion) describe life is just a pure consciousness or Atman. Sat, chit, ananda – Absolute Reality

Sat: truth, absolute being or existence– that which is enduring and unchanging

Chit: consciousness, understanding and comprehension

Ananda: bliss, a state of pure happiness, joy and sensual pleasure

We are nothing, but just pure consciousness, experience this dream garden of world with our body and mind until we have become Ananda Bliss.. 🙂

Life is here and now. Ganesh healing.