Exercise for massage therapist

Do you know that therapist required a lots of self work and balance in life before offering to help others?

If therapist him/her self in unbalance, unhappy, sick or unhealthy how can we help other by giving that dull energy?

Probably you have tried lots of therapist, some are great therapist, with so much of beautiful healing energy with their self balance practices everyday, some you feel they are not really happy doing what they are? How do you feel getting massage from any therapist is in pain already and suffering during the service?  some are very unhappy, and feeling forced to practice because she/he need money? Specially lots of therapist works in SPAS, taking nearly unto 8 clients a day.

Therapist is not just a simple job, it is something more extraodenery work, its need tremendous energy, inside out. Therapist allows people to be happy, healthy, relaxed and motivated. Therapist is guide for healthy life. So do you not think guide need to be fitter enough already to guide people in to journey they are offering?

We probably notice lots of therapist are carrying their own personal trauma and unhealthy relations with people, without healing their own wound, how can you fix the wound of others if you habit heard yourself first? yes we all have some sorts of knowledge from book, self realisation, or certify courses to define qualification. But self balance is come from within and has to practice everyday. 

Therapist will be no real therapist until we balance ourself and healed before start offering healing to others.  

Recently in my life I had to take break from healing and massages service for nearly 13 months, so i can heal form my last emotional issues, financial problems, other business fail, and stress. It took me 8 months to work on myself before I started again. I meditate everyday, do bit off stretching and went for hiking, every 2 days running, practice yoga and pranayama. Before I start work i make sure, how i am emotionally and physically. Sometime i just postpone or reschedule my appointments if i am not in good shape. Because it’s not worth to give bad energy to people those who pay you for healing them. 

Here below I put few ideas, it may help you to balance yourself everyday.


“Exercise is a very important thing for a lot of people, but especially for therapists,” I am experience and qualified massage therapist in Donegal base in cresslough, I practice therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage and sports massaged  and more, and I am extremely vocal about keeping therapist in good health always. 

Imbalance an injury Happen very fast.

“Over the course of our workdays, our hands, forearms, posterior chain (back, hamstrings, and glutes) knees and feet receive the most work and stress,” then we realise. “Because of this, other areas or muscles are not worked on a daily basis so things can become unbalanced very easily. We take heavy stress from people.

Take the shoulder, for example, there are 17 muscles connected to the scapula, each creating tension in a different direction. Massage therapists constantly work with arms out in front of their bodies, which means the shoulders tend to rotate inwards.

The best way to countermeasure this imbalance in the shoulder is to massage the tight muscles and strengthen the opposing weaker ones — the rhomboidstrapezius and infraspinatus — with exercise..

I recommends exercises that aid in supporting proper posture.  particularly likes the hip hinge and deadlifts, which he thinks are great for strengthening the hamstrings and for learning how to bend over without straining the back.

Another favourite is the reverse fly and bent over rows, which help strengthen the rhomboids and the upper back to help balance the shoulder.

While not an exercise per se, i also think picking things up around the house with your feet is a terrific way to strengthen the arches of the foot, which is particularly important for therapists who stand for long periods of time, straining their feet.

I made sure to stick to his exercise regimen even during the pandemic shutdown, knowing that if i did so, it would make things easier on my body when i returned to work, which proved true. “After returning to work At Hotel Shandon Spa, it was way less sore than I was expecting if had done no training at all.

I shutdown exercise routine, which i used to keep his muscles conditioned, we’re performed at home with a set of  couple dumbbells and stretching. I began to practice correct technique and prepare my joints for more movement, then progressed to isometric holds for endurance work in single muscles or full body like planks. I recently added in cardio during the resistance training part of his routine to create more of a circuit.

I am not focusing in my six pack as I have rice belly which is nor for 40 years old and I do wish to have tight slim body either. I like my little fat around tummy.

“Keeping a nice balance of different types of training is important. I also thinks moderation is key, because too much exercise could lead to overuse and strain on the joints.

Top of the exercise, good eating habit, sleeping, resting and working on mental balance is very important for therapist, as we exchange the energy with clients during the massage. We don’t wanna pass on bad vibes to people. 🙂

 What are some exercises you can do to keep your body fit and extend the longevity of your career? Here are some simple suggestions:

  1. Walking — a great way to stretch and relax and get some exposure to the great outdoors, even if it’s just a quick stroll through your neighbourhood or nearby beach.
  2. Yoga and breathing — improves balance, stretches and strengthens your muscles and increases flexibility.
  3. Fingertip push-ups — Stand 3 to 4 feet away from a wall with your back straight and your hands positioned on either side of your shoulders. Your fingers should be spread wide apart and be curved. Push yourself away from the wall until your arms are fully extended, but don’t lock your elbows. Then return to the wall and repeat.
  4. Shake, shake, shake — Limber and warm up your hands by holding them at chest level and giving them a good shake. About 10 seconds should do it.
  5. Ball squeeze — Get yourself some putty or a small foam rubber ball, cup one in your hand and gently squeeze and release, squeeze and release (or squish, if you’re using putty).
  6. Palm press — Hold your palms, pressed together, at chest level, then push one hand against the other, moving side to side.
  7. Resist — Use resistance bands to strengthen the body isometrically.
  8. Also do some starching in between your appointments, and few minutes deep breathing.
  9. Your good nutritional food and plenty of water during the appointments is key.

Get Massage Too

And don’t forget to get regular massage yourself, and feel that what you give to people and it is best way to learn new style as well. Practice what you tell your clients, and your body and the longevity of your career will benefit. I Offers 20% discounts rates for massage therapist, they can book online and get refund 20% after their visit. Don’t forget to mention that you are  a massage therapist.

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