New treatment facial reflexology.

One of the best treatments and very effective to control stress and many other health issues, facial reflexology, head massage with feet massage is the best treatment I can offer to you.  Modern-day face reflexology is a blend of several ancient medical practices and modern scientific knowledge. It has picked up a lot of things from the Chinese meridian theory, Vietnamese Dien Chan, Ayurvedic marma, and clinical neurology.

Interestingly face reflexology evolved out of Ear Reflexology (also known as Auricular Therapy). The genesis of Face reflexology is traced back to Prof. Bui Quoc Chau, a Vietnamese professor of Acupuncture.

Our skin has a lot to teach us, and everything physical has a corresponding mental/emotional counterpart.

Special face massage can glow your whole body from the inside out. It keeps your face fresh and young for a longer time in life.

Everyone can offer head or facial massage but knowing the pressure points is vital, so choose an experienced and well-trained therapist for your treatments. It’s about about your wellbeing.

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Facial Reflexology and Head massage.