Ayurvedic Meditation


Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga connecting with marmani.

Mastery of the mind requires discipline and training through techniques such as meditation, pranayama( control of breath) and Yoga. Constently active mind can learn to rest and refocus in a stillness.

Excellent form of meditation is the innocent watching of every thought, feeling and emotions; without judgement, without liking and disliking. In that simple, expensive wariness, there is a letting go. Letting go is another name for surrender, and is the journey towards the heart. In the beginning, there may be many thoughts- huge traffic ! But if we continues that silent, peaceful watching, thinking eventually slows, and one can clearly perceive a gap between thoughts, memories or emotions; a silence, however momentary.

Enter the gap. In time it will expand into a vast silence that can be experience during not only meditation periods, but all the time. The silence , this unbound pure awareness , is true nature, and to be in this state, awake and were to whatever is taking place within or in the environment, is meditation.

Marma Meditation

If your particular points of body is painful or need attention without touch.

Placing your deep quite attention at particular Marma points can be consider as a mama therapy (chikitsa). That dose not involve physical touch. It enhances awareness and brings the therapeutic qualities of that marma to healing. Similarly paying attention to specific marma point associated with chakras activates those energy centres according to their unique aspects of consciousness.

Breathing and healing

Pranayama( Prana- Energy, Yama- rule) is the science of mastering the breath. The breath is intimately connected to the mind. By controlling the breath, the mind is regulated, and vice versa. When is going through stress, breath will be rapid shallow. When the mind is still and stress free, flow of breath will be smoother and slower( no anxiety). Stimulating the right points of marma like heart centre, regulates the breath and calm the mind, keep you stress free. Breathing is also part of everyday healing in stressful life.

Yoga Balance

Performing daily yoga Postures( Asana) is another form of self induced madam therapy. Yoga is the complete discipline comprising eight limbs. Meditation and pranayama( breathing) are two branches of beautiful tree of Yoga, while physical postures are another Limb. By aligning the body correctly, and bending, stretching and twisting so that pressure is naturally applied to certain marma points, suppressed emotions crystallised in the tissues are broken up and flow of energy (prana)in the body is enhanced, leading to deeper breathing, calmer mind overall balance our daily health.

Marmani( acupuncture points) Plays influential role in the healing of every level of body, mind as well as open the awareness to pure spiritual dimension of our being. Ancient mystical Vedic Art, marma therapy ( Ayurveda) is both a science of healing and a spiritual science that has the potential to transform life into bliss.

Praying for Everyone