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I am practicing Ayurvedic / sports massage and various therapies from last 16 years. In donegal Ireland practicing from last 9 years. I also have qualification in marma massage( Acupuncture points) Sports massage, muscular pain, Joints pain and nerves pains.

 Not many people practice Ayurvedic Therapist in this part of the world, I come from Brahmin family knowing all type of Vedic Spiritual practice and same time natural healing from herbs, yoga, massage, diets etc from My grandfather, I would say over all Ayurvedic principle. Ayurveda believes in healing our body from roots and we all have that quality. We need is knowledge about our own body types and healing methods.  Ayurveda combine healing with Massage, Diets, exercise( YOGA), proper breathing, keeping good habits etc.

Ayurvedic massage combines the 5,000-year-old Indian principles of Ayurveda—the science of life—and pressure points. This type of massage is designed to create balance among the mind, body, and spirit, and help the body heal itself.

Focus on healthy Body,  healthy mind, balance emotions and eliminate the disease.

I also offer free concelling for people suffering with mental health issues, including relationship, loneliness, severe anxiety.  Listening and give free advice if necessary to help people, I have help many people in this area from long time.  Fully respect your confidential matter and privacy. Some people cannot meet in person and suffering alone in their home, suffer with anxiety, depressions or any abuse, you can schedule phone call, Skype call if that can help you. For time arrangements please email me anytime.

*Do not suffer in silent, we all deserve better life, share your difficulty,  it may be be the start of your healing

Email – info@ganeshhealing.com / thenepals@gmail.com


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