In recent times, meditation has become a very popular activity in the West. However, meditation is not simply a trendy hobby. Practically speaking, it is the very basis of our existence. By developing meditation skills we can transform our lives, connect on deeper levels and experience higher pleasure. Mastery of our Busy mind requires discipline through techniques such as meditation, pranayama( control of breath) and yoga, which can be creatively integrated with karma chikitsa (therapy). The constantly active and stress mind learn to rest in greater stillness.

An excellent form of meditation is the innocent watching of every thoughts, feeling and emotions; without attachments of judgements, without liking or disliking. In that simple, expansive awareness, there is a letting go. Letting go is another journey towards the heart. in the beginning, there maybe many thoughts- bumper to bumper traffic ! but if one continues that silent, peaceful watching, thinking eventually slows, and one can clearly perceive a gap between thoughts, memories or emotions; a silence, however momentary.Enter the Gp. in the time it will expand into vast silence that can be experience during not only this unbounded pure, awareness, is your true nature, is taking place within or in the environment is meditation.

Sound of Universe

MANTRA Meditation for Healing Trauma: A mantra is one of the most common objects used for meditation – and one of the most powerful ones too. The practice of mantra meditation is found in many of the world’s contemplative traditions, and also in the practice of meditation in a secular context. Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots: man (meaning “mind” or “to think”) and trai meaning to “protect”, to “free from”, or “instrument/tool”. Therefore, mantras are tools of the mind, or tools to free the mind.

Mantra are many and its depends on what suits you best. We will give you different mantra to different person, depends on their constitution(Vata-Pits-Khapa).

Our group meditation class last up to 2 hours it includes,

  1. 8 steps Surya namaskar for opening the physical part of body and allow it to relax.
  2. Then we do 4 type of ( pranayama) yogic breathing very effective to calm the mind and prepare for  deep meditation.
  3. Then mantra meditation.
  4. Final 30 minutes we do Yoga Nindra, complet relaxation to body mind and soul.

We will teach you short form of meditation for busy life which you can do any time anywhere in day, you can also do between your stressful job. That will be the tools for rest of your life to maintain concious mind .

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