Like everyone else, adult male and female, teenagers or old age people, all can experience problems which they find difficult to resolve by themselves. Financial worry, anxiety, past traumas, personal relationships, racism, bullying, family issues, bereavement, low mood, shyness, job pressures, depression, etc may give you hard time, but you still pretend that all is well and suffer silently. Sometimes it becomes too much and our minds freeze, we do not get the right answer, feel helpless sometimes. But keeping that feeling for too long can be very dangerous to our life and wellbeing in general.

It can be very helpful to deal with these issues before they become so big that they can affect your personal/family life. It is also important to seek help in time. To listen I decided to come ahead and provide a Listening /guiding Service and listen to your problem.

Please do not leave matters until they become overwhelming before you seek assistance from trusted ones.

About our service

Our idea of listening therapy will be based on Mindfulness practice, personal experience, and ancient methods of healing through listening and thoughts practicing exercise, it will also involve breathing exercise and we will also provide you daily practice to overcome these difficult feelings. There could be any issues but you haven’t figured out why you feel the way you are feeling etc, we will discover that as well with the help of listening.
We understand it takes courage to share feelings and issues and seek out help when we are experiencing hard times. Asking for talk and sharing difficulty often means that we have taken the first step on trusting and reaching out, that step can be life-saving. It’s not easy to make the decision to contact friends or family or relatives in all cases, and we suffer silently until it reaches very far. We may feel embarrassed or shy about making contact and beginning to talk in the head about what may be bothering us. It takes courage to seek out help, and contacting the counselor or person to listen may mean that you have taken the first step on the road to tackling your difficulty. But the solution is to reach out to the person and get help, that’s only the better answer. But finding the right listener is also important. It has to be the person qualified and also have personal experience and has overcome completely can actually understand all you talking about.

Please do not leave matters until they become overwhelming before you seek assistance from trusted ones.

Confidentiality – There are some limits to confidentiality, however, e.g. if it was thought that harm was going to come to you or to someone else, the guide(councilor) would need to disclose this information. The issue of confidentiality will be talked about when you first meet the counselor and you will have an opportunity to clarify anything that you are unsure about.

If you need help and if you do not think you are getting any help and need assistance and listener, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can listen to you without judgment, fully confidential. With acceptance, compassion, and trust. At least we can find the solution for you to feel better.

For emergencies, if you need to visit your local GP for some medication then please do so and help your situation for a moment. Whenever you are ready to share your difficulty and want some help and guidance tech out anytime.

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My services

Mindfulness practice

Mindfulness practice is not mindfulness meditation, sitting quiet, or breathing. It’s more about being mindful, becoming peaceful, becoming happy, and becoming a good conscious self.

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Anger management

If you are suffering from uncontrollable anger and you do not know how and why it suddenly comes, why cannot control it, but I wish to control and become peaceful.

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Mental health counselling

Mental illness is not going to be fixed by medication which I learn from my own experience, it can hold and make me feel dull. We need to reprogram our mind, understand properly how the mind works, What best exercise we can practice, overall thought process, and see all the incidents in the past which our mind still triggers.

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Nutritional counselling

Nutritional counseling is a type of assessment made that analyzes various health needs in regard to diet and exercise. Nutritional counseling helps you to set achievable health goals and learn various ways of maintaining these goals throughout your lifetime. Not giving program but giving ideas and motivation.

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