Anger Is


Here I am explaining anger in my experience and how its effects our life.

Anger makes our mind slave and victim. It holds sway over the whole inner world. I experience many times having talk with people, a little sound or a single word can upset the mind and throw a person out of balance so that he/she becomes the slave of anger. Anger destroys reason and makes a person do distructive acts. Under the control of anger, a person abuses, insults, try to dominate, blames, projections, and also it will damage the person whole life, and even it destroy all kind of relationships.

Anger is very powerful. It is the enemy of peace. It is the foe of knowledge. It makes us blind and blank out the mind. I also notice anger is a sign of mental weakness and unconsciousness. If we control anger, we can have limitless energy in our system. Anger, when controlled, will be transmuted into a spiritual power which can move whole life is positive way.

How anger is caused Main thing is desire. Anger is desire itself. You think of sense objects and attachment develops. From attachment, desire is born. When a desire arises, it generates heat or activity and urges a person to work in order to possess the object or thing of desire. When the desire is not fulfilled and when someone or something stands in the way of its fulfilment, the person becomes angry. The desire becomes transmuted into anger.

Another cause of anger is ignorance and ego. Anger arises when one felt insulted, abused, criticised, order, or when one’s defects are pointed out. It results from loving one’s own opinion, from desiring to be honoured, and from imagining that one is wiser than and superior to all others. Even if you have forgotten the feeling of annoyance, it lurks in the mind in a dormant form for some time. If you renew the thoughts of jealousy, envy or hatred about the same person, the effects last longer. Repetition of angry feeling intensifies hatred. Simple ill-feeling develops into intense repetition of anger.

Forms of anger
Irritation, frowning, resentment, indignation, rage, fury and wrath are all varieties of anger, classified according to the degree of intensity. Anger is a sharp, sudden, brief sentiment of displeasure. Resentment is persistent, continued anger. It is the bitter brooding over injuries. Wrath is a heightened sentiment of anger. Rage drives one beyond the bounds of prudence or discretion. Fury is stronger still and sweeps one away into uncontrollable violence. Irritability is a mild and subtle form of anger. Still subtler is displeasure, which is pride mixed with anger. With a sharp word or a grunt, you dismiss the ‘nuisance’. These are all forms of anger.

Anger is personal and usually selfish, when the anger is the outcome of greed, or selfish motives, it is destructive. Sometimes parents or teachers has to manifest a little anger unselfishly to correct and improve his students or child. This is not bad anger. He/she has to do it. But he/she should be peace within, without attachment. He/she should not allow the anger inside the heart for a long time, once anger is form of attachment and unselfish, it should pass off the next moment. A good person’s anger lasts for a second and be better very soon. But uncontrolled anger from root of desire and attachment can make people unhappy all life.

Anger resides in the intelligent soul and the mental body, but it located in the mind then into the physical body. Anger can blank out the brain as well, nervous system and blood flow. When a wave of anger arises in the mind, energy begins to vibrate rapidly, you get agitated and excited, the blood boils and the body becomes hot. Even three minutes of violent hot temper may produce such dangerous effects in the nervous system that will take weeks or months to repair. In the modern psychology, rheumatism, heart disease and nervous disease can be cause by due to anger.
The fire you handle for your enemy, but burns yourself. Anger is like a boomerang, because it comes back to the angry person and does harm to the person who is angry in for long time. Anger is like and over grown weeds with poison. One who is influenced by anger is always act like influence by drugs or alcohol. He/she loses his memory for time, his/her understanding becomes clouded completly and intellect becomes fade. When the mind is violently agitated, you cannot think properly and clearly. Thats why there is lots of violent happen. But after while if you ask that Gary person “did they mean to be angry or intentions to hard other person” they will answer no they didn’t meant it. Once anger goes person come to conscious mind and get regret and also start putting energy to defend, thats create more shield to anger.

All bad things and bad actions proceed from the anger. If you can control anger, all bad qualities will die by themselves. Anger produce injustice, rashness, persecution, jealousy, taking possession of others’ property, killing, harsh words and cruelty. An angry person loses normal consciousness for the time being and falls prey to anger. If you have an easily irritable mind, you will not be able to do your daily duties and business in an efficient manner. If you get angry, you will lose the battle of life.

Methods to control anger

Anger is a manifestation of energy. It is very difficult to fight against it directly. priest recognise and understand that anger is your responsibility, and pointing finger to others for your reason to be angry can do more damage. Do not allow it to grow, find the cause of anger first, it could be many reason, find the root. It might be because of past trauma, or present desire, lifestyle, addictions and your Ego to become something else, because you’re not happy who you are now. Divert the mind and entertain good thoughts. practice mindful practice. Practice you mind to create patience, love and forgiveness. The anger will gradually die by itself. Control the desire and watch the expectations from others to fulfil your agenda or dream.

Food has a great deal to do with irritability. Eat healthy and balance diet which can suit you’re immune and gut health. Stay away from drinking, smoking or eating oily, spicy or any process food which is not supporting your gut health. if you really have massive uncontrollable anger you should be completely abandoned intoxicating the body. Smoking also cause irritation and it can trigger quick anger, so quiet.

Anger cause depression as well or vice versa.
Sadness and anger

Once you recognise you have anger issues, there is the likelihood of a burst of anger during a simple conversation and one word can trigger your anger, and its responsibility to stop your speech. Do not argue further and step back. Do not enter into heated debates and discussions once you recognise you cannot control your anger. Always practice to speak sweet and soft words which and give you peace in heart and also help to connect with others. Make a habit of listening without attaching to the words or emotions. Speak sweetly as possible. Speak clearly and choose the word. Be mild, gentle and soft possible. Cultivate mildness, gentleness and softness again and again, keep practicing, and it becomes habit and your anger will have no more control over you communications.

Control anger by awareness and real reason. Why do you feel offended when someone say word which do not resonate you? Have you developed different human being pithing you? What is this abuse? It is a mere vthe word which is not even yours. Once you learn to detach from the words and the emotions and just watch them as a word rather jump in to accuse or point out to others. If you become more aware of it, will not arise on other occasions also, if you are careful and thoughtful.

If you find it difficult to control anger, leave the place at once or stop communication with peaceful goodbye, and just detach it from that feelings. I usually go for long walk if I felt bit of irritations. for immediate control drink cold water and treat deeply for few minutes, anger will control. Then focus on good things to do for your day.

When anger is controlled, life flows beautifully. Anger is the outlet or channel through which emerge harshness, cruelty, pain and harm, vengeance, violence, war and destruction these all forms are very harmful for you and rest of the world, we all hear to live peacefully so be conscious. Once we overcome anger, our understanding becomes very clear. we are able to choose between right and wrong in life for self and others.  Do not cause pain or suffering to any living being form greed, selfishness, irritability or annoyance. Give up the spirit of fighting and try your level best to keep a peaceful mind always. peace in heart only comes once we clear the anger, mind become fully aware of all our activity. Do things that serve others which makes you happy. karma yoga is only the way to bring peace in self by detach from all kind of selfish desires.

Meditate everyday and become mindful of yourself.

Wisdom of Vedanta and greta or the any religious scripture also teaches about anger, read them, that also help to understand the cause of anger and how to control it.

My anger was destructive once and I destroy lots of good things which was/is so much meaningful in life, such like good relationships, loving family and some good friends, also Ego leads to loss in materialistic life, desires lead to pain and suffering. After not recognising, reasons was anger come from lack of conciousness, bad habits, putting mask on, running behind dream of success rather happiness and peace. No satisfying with what I already had it, rather I run behind which was unknown and was false desire, bring by ego then its lead to bad practice, even bad thoughts. Thankfully my Anger only cause me trouble not others until I recognise it, But still this is the great things to discovery in life, it gives so much peace.

My Cause of anger was past truma, and experiance come from childhood abuse, bullies lack of care, insecure life, abusive father. But not recognising the anger causing by traumas and trying to hide and lie, put mask on, it was the big reason of my suffering and pain within me and to my dear ones. But blaming, bitting chaste, playing victim game in mind, is more destructive if you didn’t take responsibility of all our bad and good.

Before studying Vedanta and learning deep mindfulness master, I also didn’t had that capability to handle that deeper anger, but now I can clearly see and control my own anger and I do not even get effected by others, once we learn to recognise it, and control ourself then anger is just defuse immodestly. Its just like match stick and box, be together but do not engage with force. Any force create energy which lead to actions.

If you ask me do I regret of my past anger and behaviour or hurts?

My answer is “No’ I forgive myself and I acknowledge my issues and reason behind anger and unhappiness. I completely take responsibility of my own actions and also I completely forgive others actions towards me. Being victims of circumstances in life is not good idea, rather take all experience to create for better today and tomorrow. Meaningful, peaceful and happy life. Peace and happiness have no price tag, it is price less.

We will plays have that anger and irritation in our system no one complete wiped of that issues, but controlling them, recognising them and not letting over grow is how we practice.

Control of emotions is daily job as breathing without it we will not functions in life.