Ayurveda is the natural medical science originating from India. The use of oil massage is one of the first treatments in the protocol for the majority of ailments, this can be applied massage therapy, or self massage. Ayurvedic massage is built around soothing the senses so the specific needs of the client and their imbalance (if any) are meticulously met. This includes the oil and massage type, the duration of the treatment, the sounds and heat of the environment, and the recommendations for post massage. Ayurveda seeks balance through easy applicable daily routines for all body types, massage therapy is just one avenue of treatment out of five to help offer ideas for Doshic (individual constitution) management. The five Ayurvedic resources of Self healing are; Nutrition, Lifestyle, Massage,Yoga and Meditation.

Each client is assessed as an individual and treatments are given with consideration to the persons own unique constitution.

Our Massages

Ayurvedic Full Body Massage For Detox and Healing –  €60

Holistic healing and complementary medicine program where oils are applied to detox physical, mental and emotional toxins.

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Ayurvedic Foot massage (Reflexology) –   €35

Strengthen foot nerves and restores health to many parts of the body.

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Indian Head Massage –   €35

Treatment that works on the muscular tissues of the scalp, neck, shoulders upper back, upper arms and face.

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Massage for Sciatica –   €40

External oil application on the painful parts of the body, particularly the back region, buttocks, and part of the thighs and legs.

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Pregnancy massage –   €35

Promotes relaxation and reduce stress, benefits circulation, reduce swelling, improve respiration, reduce shoulder tension and relieve muscule-skeletal pain, particularly in the back and pelvic area.

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Diet, weight loss, & Lifestyle Consultations-   €35

If you have concern re your health, weight, and lack on motivation to change, come with us, we can help you.

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Sports massage for athletes –   €45

Sports massage can play an important part in the life of any sportsman or woman whether they are injured or not.

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Back, neck, shoulder Massage –   €40

The ​Oil Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage is a wonderful pick me up designed to release ​work ​tension and ease​ stress and ​ headaches.

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