Appointments in Hold

We are on hold 

Every county in Ireland is on alert Level 5 in the ‘Plan for Living with COVID-19’ from  on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 for 6 weeks. All small business are effected by it and many of self employed like myself will be in difficult positions.

Sad thing is Govt didn’t even mention alternative therapy as a services. Should have recognise alternate therapy as an essential service. So many people depends on alternative therapy and get help with personal wellbeing.

Meditations classes should have open, Yoga should have allowed, Reflexology, massages and sports massages should have allowed to practice. People could benefit from it during the this lock down.

Massage therapist take one clients at a time with safety guidelines. And there is very less changes to get infected, as compare to shops and other services which is open during level 5.

I personally used to take one clients at a time and follow all safety guideline recommend by HSE and Govt.

Because of no clarity I have to pause my service for 6 weeks. It hurts the business and also suffering with the financial difficulty.

We hope Govt will recognise alternative therapy as an essential service and we can get back to work and start helping clients as soon we can.

For clients- We are sorry that we are unable to provide you service for another few weeks please get in touch when 6 weeks is over.

Looking forward to see you soon.

Namaste .