COVID19 – Time to Wait


“Positive”of this Pandemic – teaches us how to be patient.

In my lifetime I was very lucky to born in peaceful era after both world wars, then Vietnam war, independents of many country’s, and from 1980 till 2020 , I just turn 40 this year, last 40 years i never seen world has stop for second the way it is now has stop for 2 month in many places.

I am just writing few things which is in my head going on from few days and it might be the same with you too, in many different way, different thoughts, experience base on where we are now, and our personal situation. I am not a great writer but I try to spill my thoughts here.

As a Ayurvedic therapist, and buddhist student I find personally easy to live now and accept everything going on around and just live day by day. As life is not permanent and no one can predict the limit of time we have, neither anyone can control what has happen already, what happening noe outside us and what going to happen is unknown, in all there stage of time we cannot control anything except our own thoughts, emotions and whole wellbeing. According to ancient Scripture VEDA explain that we are the 4th( Soul) Rest is all illusion or false. 1) waken stage, 2) Dream stage, 3)No waken and no dream stage (Sleeping like log we say) 4th is conciseness. 4th experience waken stage, dream stage, deep sleep stage, so the person who experience all 3 stage, that is 4th – Conciseness. In veda its say the Bramaha( the absolute, or god) so you are the god self and you are everything, so heaven, hell and all story is also you, whole universe is you, you are limitless, timeless. Rest all we do here in this body is just like a movies. Once the conciseness leave the body or body died then there is nothing more, just pure divine conciseness left. It’s a depth philosophy so I better not go too much about this here. We all have different knowledge about our ownself and about our belief and faith, so it’s all ok until we find the truth, that is after this body leave. Until then let’s live in this illusion world between all kind of emotions. Pain, suffering, happiness, birth, death and rest all whatever we can experience in this time limit, lets continue..

Here i am just writing about what I had in my mind about COVID 19, and whats realisation is happening, and some positive out comes also we have experience so far.

World was going mad in name of developments, wars, nuclear powers, economy, money, cars, luxury life, beautiful wife/ or rich man. So much to follow and running behind name and Fame and personal image. People Never had thought that those things was actually “nothing” compare to the death or unknown killer coming coming close, people are afraid to die or lose someone, and suddenly no other things become important anymore.

Ambulance drivers are gods now, Postman is God too, and all the people works is health are seen as god now because everyone think they are the one who can save them now, food producer, farmers, shop keepers are very much the same as rest above. Yes they are doing great job and risking life of their own

According to some medias people realise that without Pub or Saturday night football or spending money in expensive Restaurant wasn’t really essential to live life, people realise that healthy eating is possible, people also realise they can cook and clean, baby sit, or do gardening, growing own veg, and many people find that they can actually work from home too.

Questions in my mind – Now no one is talking about people dying by hunger anymore? No cancer death? Aids, Guns, no accidents? natural deaths, or any other sickness deaths are completely hidden or not happening, Govt is only counting deaths of COVID19? if so why ? Is other deaths were no important? is Nurses, health workers, doctors weren’t working hard before?

And why billionaire Business man so much Eager to sale vaccines as he had done in past to make money. Now he is funding billions and Pushing all Govt in world and pharma to introduce vaccines to their public soon, what that and why is that. believing it blindly and following is easy and good for wellbeing because it keep you stress free, but in a long term is it not danger to coming future generation. Not sure – Big questions.

Yes world is watching and hopefully every individual are focusing on their wellbeing and taking responsibility to understand what’s going on and how to stay safe from virus and propaganda to save your freedom.

Great thing is happening

  1. People from North west of India seen clear view of Himalayan first time in 30 years.
  2. Many cities in earth including delhi pollution is decreases and people are breathing fresh Air.
  3. Many wild life are raging around part in many cities in world.
  4. Earth temperature is reducing already.
  5. Pollution is so much in control.
  6. Oil price is low by record.
  7. People are getting waken
  8. In many years Mount Everest get rest from humans, No loss of life in Everest this year. Sherpa are in home at spring.
  9. Rivers and streams are clean.
  10. Overall Earth is healing with many positives from this COVID19.

Awareness & Hope

Hope after this Virus (COVID19)over, people will be more humble to each other and towards the planet. Hope people will be more compassionate and loving to each other. Hope race discrimination, hate and abuse will stop. Hope women and man be seen as human not by sex(gender). Hope people will realise that life is important and important for all living beings not just humans. Hope we treat all creatures and animals humanly.

Hope people will start treating their body with respect by eating essential nutritional food for body, which helps to live longer, healthy and less suffering, hope people will realise exercise is also essential for living healthy life for strength without suffering. Hope people will realise that greed and ego of humans is worst sickness than anything else.

Lets hope once this pandemic over life will be different and more loving and calmer for everyone. Hope we all get back to better and positive life soon.

Let’s also pray for all those who suffering in hospitals & homes now, and let’s pray for those who already leave their body in this earth.

Pray for the family who loss their love ones.

Thanks for the people in Health care, including cleaners in hospitals, all doctor and Nurses.

Thanks to positive media for asking questions to authority and bringing awareness to public.

Thanks to Govt of country’s we living. All doing their parts. We just have to be thankful and humber for good happening.

And thanks to us being good citizen of this world, witness of this madness with the hope to see beautiful world once it is all over.

Namaste and stay safe.

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Om shanti